"More important than winning the election is governing the [State]. That is the test of a political party - the acid, final test." Adlai Stevenson

Brett Hyland for Oregon Governor

Change from Within

It's time to move Oregon beyond one-party rule and one-party politics. Thirty consecutive years of one-party power has left the state fiscally, administratively, economically and ethically depleted.


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About The Candidate

Brett is fundamentally a native Oregonian with more than twenty years of experience in business and community leadership focused on capital investment and educational improvement in the region.

First and foremost, he is the proud father of a son who is now enrolled in his senior year at the University of Oregon — an opportunity he believes should be made affordable to every aspiring young person in our state.

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While holding continuous, unchecked public power, Oregon’s current leadership has squandered its responsibility for economic and public infrastructure growth, planning and execution, leaving us decades behind.  

Over these 30 years, we have become a national underachiever in education and food security. We now have citizens who have lost their homes, their hope and, for whom, our current leaders would have you believe, we are without the resources to help. 


$22 billion

The direction of the state’s pension management, a can that has been consciously kicked down the road for three decades, is now a $22 billion unfunded promise to public employees. 


More than half a million Oregonians face hunger and food insecurity. Of these, close to half are children, and the number of homeless citizens has continued to rise over the last two years.

4 in 10

Approximately four in ten eligible, working-age adults do not participate in the workforce while the needle on the state's per-capita GDP essentially hasn't moved since 2011.


There is room for everyone at the table. To believe otherwise would be to disbelieve in ourselves, something very un-Oregonian.

— Brett Hyland



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