The Case for Change

Under our current, ongoing leadership, we have become a national underachiever in education and food security. We now have citizens who have lost their homes, their hope and, for whom, our current leaders would have you believe, we are without the resources to help. Others are simply leaving the state because they can't afford to stay.

Meanwhile, the Democrats' only approach to meeting our state’s increasing expenses has been to raise taxes and add costly regulation and fees.

When it comes to change, it is said that the greatest change comes from within.

The political incumbent, Governor Kate Brown, is not a malevolent person, and she hasn’t done anything different than previous Democrat administrations dating back to 1988. Now, however, the shortcomings of 30 years of one-party groupthink has been made apparent by the distance between her party's political priorities and actual conditions on the ground. 

To initiate change and a return to the balance of power, we Republicans must step into the shoes of leadership and offer something different than has been on constant offer these past 30 years. I am prepared to lead this effort.

Our state can become more prosperous and more equitable. The two are not in conflict. The sum of these dynamics is not required to equal zero.  

I look forward to further sharing my ideas with you and to gaining the trust and confidence of your voting support. 

— Brett Hyland